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“I compete both nationally and internationally in Kickboxing. In my competitions I am working towards winning both European & World Championships and at elite level every small aspect that can improve your performance counts. Since starting with Joe I have made huge progress not only in my competitions winning x2 British championship titles this year but also in my overall strength and mobility. Every training session is well structured and worked around my tournament calendar to help me prepare for my major events. Joe also helped me prepare for my lifelong goal of completing the London Marathon while at the same time I was still taking part in my kickboxing competitions. The work we have done so far has aided in my performance and I would recommend Joe to anyone who is wanting to improve or progress.”

Sean McCarthy, GB Kickboxer, Surrey


“I was recommended Joe and have been training with him for a few months now. He has fulfilled my expectations as a S&C coach by making each session fun and always different. I have seen some good results and would highly recommend him.”

Lucy Schiel, Owner of Craven House, Surrey


Joe has made a significant and measurable difference to my daughter’s strength and conditioning. She is a national level athlete, who regularly undergoes exacting physical performance tests. At a recent national training event she smashed all previous scores. Joe’s preparation has always been extremely thorough and tailor-made. He works seamlessly with her coach to ensure the S&C program is fully integrated into her tennis.”

“He is both professional and personable in his approach with young athletes and parents alike. As a parent of a young athlete it is especially important that any coach who works with my daughter is trustworthy and reliable. Joe’s style of coaching is completely transparent and accountable. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

Richard Swann, Father of Tennis Player Isabella Swann, Brighton


“I have been a client of Joe’s for just over two years. I started training with him to improve overall general fitness, stamina and mobility but also because of ongoing problems with my Achilles tendons and the pain caused by them even walking. In that time he has quite literally changed my life giving me back an energy and fitness I would not have thought possible at 50 plus. He has the most incredible attitude – never becoming too preachy or unreasonable but encourages me to do my best and with that achieve personally satisfying results. For someone like me, who for years tried gym memberships here and there, never really getting where I needed to be or enjoying the hard work, Joe has changed my attitude toward exercise and its effects both physically and mentally. Make no mistake he is no pushover and he can’t even spell sympathy but stick with him and trust him the way I have and his programs can do wonders. There is even a very small part of me that quite enjoys our three one-hour sessions per week (at 6am!) but I thank him nevertheless. But not as much as my feet!”

Peter Taylor, MD Sony Films UK, Middlesex


“I contacted The Training Pod after signing up to do Tough Mudder as I felt I wanted some specific training and a new approach. Joe devised a 10-week training plan incorporating an initial movement screen, strength, and speed work. He tapered the workouts to take into account the other event I was competing in at the time (Barns Green half marathon).
I had long felt I was weaker on one side than the other and Joe tailored specific exercises to strengthen and compensate for this. Joe is a very supportive trainer keeping in touch via text between sessions to ask how things are or how I did in my events.
I did my best half marathon time whilst training with Joe and thoroughly enjoyed Tough Mudder, his advice ringing in my ears! I have really benefited from my sessions with Joe and have improved in all the final movement screen tests, I feel stronger and more balanced across the right and left sides of my body. Now I just need an excuse to book some more training sessions with Joe…San Francisco marathon anyone?”

Clare Davey, Tough Mudder 2014, Brighton


“I started training with Joe in order to tone up, get rid of excess fat and also get better posture. I tried to do this so many times before. But, just couldn’t see any results. I knew it was time to invest in some personal training. I have known Joe for a few years … I knew he was the best choice. Joe’s approach achieves great results. My overall fitness levels and muscle tone improved significantly in a relatively short space of time. He believes in having two coached sessions a week. To be honest I thought one session a week will be more than enough. But, it was only when I realised in my 5th session (week 3!!!!) that my body shape and strength levels were changing. Wow! In week 3. So yes two sessions a week definitely works. He pays close attention to exercising correctly, in order to avoid long-term problems in the future. Joe has a warm personality and is a very interesting person. Thanks to him the training turned from being a boring chore into a fun activity that I looked forward to. I can’t remember when I last felt better or had more energy. I can’t recommend Joe highly enough, he has made a big difference to my life.”

Lenka Payne, British Airways, Surrey


“I am a footballer that has played for some very well known European clubs. However, since May 2014 I have been a free agent. I got in contact with Joe to help me get up to the required condition for my current trial in Brazil. Since I started training with Joe I saw rapid improvements in my core strength and stability. He was my first choice because I knew Joe could help me with my goals in a very sport period of time. I chose Joe because of his experience and success in working with athletes for sports performance.”

Pedro Guaratto, Brazilian Footballer, Surrey


“My sessions started with Joe Bullen over two years ago, just before my first hip arthroscopy (I had been diagnosed with a Femoroacetabular Impingement in both hips). His intervention has been crucial in my rehabilitation, where the NHS, despite their honorable intentions don’t offer the support, guidance and expertise that is needed to return to full fitness after a such operations. To be honest, I don’t know in what state I would have been without Joe’s assistance. His knowledge of the right exercises to aid my mobility and strengthen the correct muscles, his general care to my wellbeing (he contacts me after each session to see how I am) and his sense of humour have been instrumental in myself returning to full fitness. I feel especially fortunate when training on my own, especially looking at everyone else in the gym, that I have learnt correct, safe and effective exercises. Perhaps the biggest compliment I can give Joe, is that two years ago, with my background in sports coaching, that I’d have never have thought that I would require one-to-one sessions with a strength and conditioning coach. But, now I cant imagine me not doing this in the future.”

Martin Schooley, Football Coach, Brighton


“We found Joe to be extremely professional and the sessions were ideal to extend our scholars and elite athletes. Joe worked closely with the school to generate training programmes for the girls and gave them the tools and understanding in order to successfully complete these programmes back at school. We will almost certainly be using his services and facilities again for our gifted and talented students.”

Karen Andrew, Sport Faculty Lead, Roedean School, Brighton


“He has played a pivotal role in helping the department to deliver a strong strength and conditioning programme and supported the department achieving the aims and delivering a successful performance sport programme. Joe showed himself to be well organised and knowledgable and he had a good rapport with the students and as such Joe would be welcomed to work as part of the strength and conditioning team in the future.”

Claire Slater, Sport Participation and Experience Manager, University of Brighton


“I worked with Joe at The Training Pod throughout last summer with the intention of losing weight to support my diabetes. The idea to work 1:1 with Joe enabled me to focus on the sessions with precise & relevant exercise to help me, rather than completing my own agenda in a gym alongside others. Joe has the ability to quickly identify your strengths & weaknesses and plan a fitness regime that will not only be challenging, but is fun too. (Is pain fun? Oh yeah!) Building a rapport with your S&C Coach produces a two way pact with the same objective to succeed. In 4 months, l had lost nearly 2 stone in weight, which helped my own health and wellbeing no end. Consider Joe as your S&C Coach and see the benefits…it’s well worth it!!!”

Paul “Uncle P” Higginson, Crowborough, East Sussex 


“Joe was recommended to us when our son was recovering from ACL surgery.  It was the best recommendation we could have had. Our son, Stan, absolutely loved the sessions and looked forward to every single one.  Joe encouraged him and achieved his goals in the most amazing way and Stan had a huge amount of respect for him throughout.  Stan has gone from literally bed bound on the sofa to the most wonderful, fit, happy 14 year old who is ready for the next football and cricket seasons.  When the training comes from Joe, it is so much more well received than from physios we have visited and to see Stan enjoying the sessions and gaining so much has been wonderful for us.  We would highly recommend Joe. We will also be looking to place our (very active!) 10 year old and Stan on some of Joe’s group sessions in the future.”

Sarah Ware, Mother of Stan Ware, Dorking, Surrey


“In order to help in preparation for the ‘Paris To Hayling Charity Cycle Ride’, an event which I participate in annually. I took a strength and conditioning package with Joe Bullen with particular focus on the strengthening of my core due to a recurring back injury and rehabilitation to a previously ruptured achilles tendon. From the training I saw improvements in my hip mobility, trunk stability and strength levels. On my bike this manifested itself into better posture and improved cycling efficiency. Additionally, I also lost 2 stone in weight as I was able to train harder for longer. This resulted in me cycling the best that I had done so for a number of years on this 450 mile ride. I certainly have no hesitation in recommending Joe to others who are wanting to improve their performance levels in any sport.”

Peter McQuade, Cyclist, Hove, Sussex



“I started training with Joe to get back into the Brighton Boys football team… Joe looked at how I moved & then helped me get faster & stronger & in September I was re-selected for the team. On Saturday I scored the goal in the last minute of extra time that took the match to penalties. I also scored my penalty & Brighton won. Thanks for all your help Joe.”

Dylan Little, Brighton Boys U13


“Firstly I would like to thank you for all the advise, guidance, knowledge and powerful training sessions you completed with me in the weeks leading up to my kickboxing world championships in Dublin. I feel nothing but benefits from the session we completed together. I feel faster, stronger and more powerful than ever. It’s really translated over into my sport and my fighting has improved dramatically from it. I feel more comfortable in my movement patterns and my fighting as a whole feels sharper/more precise. The s+c sessions we completed were fundamental in helping me achieve a bronze medal this year at the worlds. As a result of this I will be implementing s+c as a standard protocol in my training regimes. I hope to be able to work with you again and advance on some of the stuff we have worked on already. The process throughout the weeks was phenomenal as I could feel myself getting strong. The results were unprecedented as I managed to increase weights and reach new heights each week. I think for anyone looking to take there game/sport to the next level should consider s+c as a viable option. I found regular fitness session and gym style work outs inadequate in comparison and quite often detrimental to my performance. The sessions performed with joe were practical yet challenging and allowed me to manage my busy schedule around them with out feeling to fatigued or drained. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thanks again.” 

Sam Sparks, WAKO GB Kickboxer

“I was originally introduced to Joe Bullen because I had had a knee injury and wasn’t offered any physiotherapy from the hospital. I had no confidence in bending my knee and my movement was quite limited. I saw Joe and he assessed my knee then put together a programme for me to follow and arranged to see me again in 4 weeks. I have seen some great results with my knee. I see Joe once every month and he gives me a new programme to follow and as an added bonus I have now lost 3 stone in weight and dropped 3 dress sizes. Joe has been so encouraging and is always in contact to make sure that everything is working ok and to answer any questions.” 

Samantha Hamilton, Turner’s Hill, Sussex