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Strength and conditioning (S&C) as defined by the UKSCA is the specialist area covering the
physical preparation of individuals for performance in sport, whilst reducing the risk of injury.

S&C is made up of multiple processes that result in physical adaptation. Strength work involves all
forms of resistance training. Equally the conditioning element can include agility, endurance, speed
and flexibility training.

Whether your goal is to overcome a previous injury, to train for a 10k, to be able to climb your stairs without getting out of breath, to feel confident in your bikini
or prolong your sporting career. Get in contact.

My Training Packages


If you put the effort into your sessions, follow your individual programme and put my tips and advice into action you will get your results!

I offer several different packages based on how much time and determination you have to reach your goals.

My packages are different to what others offer because with me, you get more. You get the training experience of an elite professional athlete from an accredited coach who has actually worked with elite professional athletes!

You get more than just training sessions. You are paying for results.

Contact me and tell me what results you want and how soon you want them so I can offer you the most appropriate personalised training experience.