Where everyone is an athlete…

I’m in love and I’m not afraid to shout about it

I love my clients


My “I’m an Athlete” training group are the nuts!


Not only am I so passionate about seeing them succeed it makes me get up at stupid o’clock and work till stupid o’clock…


I have an absolute ball coaching them!


We have a laugh


We enjoy our sessions


But most importantly we get the WORK DONE


And that is most important because it’s needs to be done in order to get our RESULTS


It just happens to be an absolute Brucie bonus that my gang are made up of the coolest cats around


And it’s because of this I am 100% committed to delivering what they need to get what they want


And that is RESULTS


And because I’m working with only a select few (hence you have to apply to get on the training package)…


I’m able to deliver a personalised service which includes coaching, programming, nutritional support and much more


Yeah it’s more than just an exercise class I offer


Fortunately for you you’re on my mailing list because I’ve done something to attract you


And that might mean that we’d also be a good fit to work together


And even more fortunately is that you can apply for a space to try out my training package for a whole week for FREE


That way you can really see what me and the gang are all about


So don’t be shy… Click here… http://www.joebullen.com/free-taster-week


But don’t worry. If this really isn’t your thing…


Just ignore me


Joe “you only have until the 28th to grab a space” Bullen

Joe Bullen MSc ASCC CSCS • 12th January 2018

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